Floki Friday #1

Correct way to wear masks:

This is not correct.
This is not correct.
This is the correct way 👍
Treat and ball for being a good boy ❤️

Until next week folks.

Meet Floki

Two year old Floki, we were told Sprocker but suspect Springer X Saluki as his back and legs are ridiculously long.

We decided to get a 3rd dog after Leeloo became very ill, she wasn’t the playful pup my Springer Marley was used to and we felt he was missing out – I was also spending a lot of my time with her.

So we see a local add for the last pup in the litter and decide to go meet him. We turn up and there’s two… His brother had just been returned due to a relationship break up and now we had to make the choice, which one?

One was perfect in every way, beautiful classic springer markings, handsome face, the other, speckled nose, slightly bow legged but the biggest grin. I told Stace to make the choice, so he whistled and bow legged came straight over. Good job too as I had already decided on Floki at this point, his handsome brother would be snapped up so I wasn’t worried about him. Floki had been ignored till this point and I knew his future was uncertain if he didn’t come home with us.

To me he was perfect.

Marley is a dick when it comes to dog strangers, takes a while for him to warm up to them and even then just tolerate their presence till they bugger off. However once you’re excepted into the pack, then he’ll protect you no matter what.

When the harness doesn’t fit and you need to get to the vets for his first lot of jabs. It was only down the road and I drove very carefully don’t worry.

What happened next was quite unexpected, Leeloo started to grow in strength and she ended up playing with Floki more than Marley and in some ways helped in her remission.

Yes I’m now officially a mad dog lady.

Floki has become one of the most adorable dogs, rarely barks unless he wants to see the Grandparents, is at your side immediately if you’re hurt or upset – I often wake from nightmares with him licking my face. Is at his most happiest asleep on our bed with at least 2 tennis balls in his mouth, or just sleeping in general.

He does like licking ears however…